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Kayaking can be a satisfying hobby which can take away your stress and make you feel lighter. When you are starting something out, there’s a natural tendency to be impatient.
So, if you got a new kayak or have been bitten by the kayaking bug and are planning to go out on the water, here are a few basic beginner tips to keep in mind. Following these tips will definitely make kayaking far more fun.
Make sure you have a mentor with you
For those first trips when your excitement is at a high, always have a mentor or guide with you. Having a mentor will make sure you do it the right way plus you will also receive a confidence boost once you begin to get the things right.
Also sometimes the waters have varied amount of current. A mentor is utmost in those situations as you may know firsthand how to handle those.
Always do a Warm-up & Cool down exercise.
Prior to beginning any game, be it football, badminton, tennis etc. people always do a simple warm-up exercise. This is done in order to prepare your body for the incoming action.
For kayaking, do basic stretching exercises before going out so you don’t wind up in pain then first energetic paddle excursion.
Also as soon as you’re done kayaking, you should again do those stretches that you did before paddling.
Definitely wear life vests
Don’t be a merman / mermaid and do wear a life jacket always while kayaking. It only takes a while to getting used to. Also real life styles always wear life jackets. Take a look at some of the rescue operations and you’ll see.
Without a life jacket,you won’t have the ability to keep yourself for long if you happen to get tipped over and are quite some distance from the coast.
If you are in a cold weather, life jackets keep your body warm. Rough weather conditions can make holiday less enjoyable if you’re only starting out. Also a weather check can save you from expected extreme fast currents.
Learn Basics of paddling
Well if you are only starting out, its important you know how to paddle correctly and efficiently. Test out a fundamental rafting session with a local rafting tour guy. It will allow you to get the fundamentals right. You will also know basic positions and how to handle mild currents. Additionally, it is going to add more excitement to the growing urge to go out kayaking. Armed with the basics you will be more confident that the next time you plan which kayaking trip.
Take some communication apparatus
Always carry a mobile phone (or a satellite phone in the event you got one) for those emergency situations. You never know but being prepared beforehand is the best way to start doing it.
These are just some basic things that will allow you to have a good as well as a safe holiday excursion.

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